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Helpful Information About Our Animal Hospital in Warren, NJ


For clients visiting for the first time, please bring medical records or have them faxed to us before your appointment. Please download the Client Information form and bring it with you or fax it ahead of time. We like all our patients who go outside, to the groomer, or the kennel, to be on flea and tick preventative before their visit to prevent fleas in the hospital.

Patients are seen: Monday - Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Surgeries are performed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Dr. Gallo does not see patients on Thursdays, but the office is open.
Our anesthesia protocols are very safe. Animals are closely monitored during anesthesia. We monitor Heart Rate and Rhythm, Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and Body temperature. We use the safest anesthetics and gases available.

Vaccine protocols vary according to the animal's environment and exposure. We use pure, high quality vaccines. Some Clients elect to do vaccine titers in place of some vaccines.
Vaccine - Animal Hospital in Warren, NJ
We focus on preventive medicine. The goal is to detect disease and Cancer early, and try to prevent it from progressing.